Completion of construction projects, managed by skilled, motivated, understanding professionals dedicated to quality in all details of development from design to finish with enthusiasm.

  • Does your space need some work? Or maybe you need to move?
  • Are you functioning at capacity, or are walls getting in the way?
  • Maybe your clinic isn’t projecting the image you want your clients to see?
  • Are you feeling the pressures of economic change?
  • Does your location still meet your needs? Or is everyone tripping over each other?
  • Are your properties generating their maximum value?
  • Maybe your past experience with contractors has been less than perfect, or you simply have too much on your plate to manage the details involved in a major redevelopment.

Perhaps you’re worried your budget doesn’t fit your plans or you’re tired of waiting and wondering when you’ll be able to move in and enjoy your new place.

Whatever the case, we can help

  • Project Management
  • General Contract Tendering
  • Planning with architects and designers
  • Cost consulting and budget preparation
  • Detailed consultation focusing on essentials
  • Troubleshooting potential problems
  • Negotiated Contract Projects
  • Service Work

Typically we work with people because of growth or change. Professional practices get new equipment every day, companies modify product lines or markets, and organizations transform themselves all the time. Invariably everyone is wrestling with a unique set of challenges. We help them by customizing a service specific to their individual situation and then we get it done so it’s out of their hair.

So, if you imagine a new business, a new location, or alterations to your existing space….

Imagine Porscon