Scope of Work

  • Corporate Offices, Board Rooms, Kitchens, Training Centres, Washrooms and Partitions. Private spaces, space for open collaboration and productive meetings. Shared fitness studios, games rooms, daycares, and spas.
  • Light industrial buildings where a company might be making, storing, selling and distributing all from the same place. Bays and racking, steel doors and windows, space for vehicles, lifts and shipping containers. Manufacturing floors and functional mezzanines.
  • Medical and Dental clinics, health and wellness centres, pharmacies, and specialists offices. Clean, inviting space for patients and families.
  • Retail, Salon and Food Service where it’s all about brand, accessibility and visual appeal. Storefronts with style, commercial kitchens that shine, and stores to enhance the customer experience.
  • Any commercial or public facility – walls, floors, ceilings, concrete, structural steel, construction and finishes.
  • Electrical, mechanical, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing, lighting and sprinkler system installation and service.
  • Work performed at night and on weekends, if required, to facilitate on-going operation of a business.