About Us

As a commercial general contractor since 1984, Porscon is all about the physical space. Where we work, breathe, serve customers, greet clients and see patients. Where we park things, store things and make things.

We are advocates of healthy space and are committed to building a prosperous community. We appreciate the difference a well constructed interior can make to the quality of life for those working and living in it. Because in the end it’s the people that matter most.

People are Porscon’s greatest resource. People we work for tell us we’re great, people who work here love the place. Industry partners often call on us for help and advice. None of this is by chance. We’ve worked hard on these relationships. It’s a priority.

We support local labour, use green materials and are emotionally invested in Alberta. We believe a diverse workforce is a successful workforce and we give back by sponsoring charity events, volunteering and encouraging others in the industry to do the same.

Questions? 780.438.4651